Way of Pilgrims

This site is an introduction to the unusual pilgrimage of William and Alexandra. They  began their journey in December 1996, living as modern troubadours and traveling mostly by bicycle.
Their musical voyage has taken them to schools, retirement homes, churches, rehabilitation centers, hospitals, hospices, homeless shelters, prison etc. in forty-eight countries. William plays the guitar and they sing together. Their collection includes original songs as well as gospels, spirituals, popular and folk songs in English and in the languages of many of the countries they have visited.
Alexandra has also painted a number of pictures which have been inspired by this journey.

They have covered over 33,000 miles (54,000 km) by bicycle, and have been from Russia to Ireland and from Norway and Finland to Egypt and the Holy Land, as well as across North America.
They are themselves Christians, baptized in the Greek Orthodox church, and they visit people and groups of all religions, denominations, philosophies or world-views. They hope to promote mutual understanding among the peoples of the world.

They strive to walk (and cycle) in the light of Francis of Assisi,and the anonymous Russian author of The Way of a Pilgrim.

revised: 17 January 2021
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