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A Way Forward

from Social Illness to Social Health

This work describes the fundamental, threefold nature of society. It is formed by the interaction of three spheres: culture/education, rights/laws and economy. The ideals for each are liberty, equality and solidarity. respectively. The United States was founded on these principles, and they must be brought to consciousness and understood anew if the country is to go forward.
"The United States was founded on the principle of self-governance. In order for a self-governing country to thrive, the citizens must understand both their country and their society as a whole. If we are to find a way forward, we must strive to attain this understanding, and to help one another in that striving.
This essay is not a cookbook approach to a recipe for an idea society. It is meant to be a small contribution toward a realistic understanding of social life — of society as a living organism."
— from the introduction

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